Lyman Pie Sale

The Lyman Pie Sale has concluded!  The date for the pie arrival and pick up is scheduled for Wednesday, November 7th.

Box Tops for Education

Cut out and collect box tops to help our school!  Every box top earns $0.10 and they add up quickly!  Turn in your box tops through your Apple Folder.  Bagging box tops or taping them to a piece of paper in groups of 25 or 50 is preferred, but we will accept any amount.

Grocery Store Programs

Several stores have rebates or point system rewards that can benefit our school.  Save your receipts or sign up your store card depending on the program and the OH PTO can get cash or school supplies.  This is a year-round fundraising program, but some store cards need to be re-registered each year.

Participating Stores

Price Chopper Tools for Schools

Register your AdvantEdge card by going to the website: or fill out a registration form at the Price Chopper Service Desk.  

Our school code is 36449.  Points will accrue with every dollar you spend.

Stop & Shop A Plus Program

Register your Stop & Shop card by going to the website:  Our school code is 06463.  Points accrue with every dollar you spend from October 7th through March 17th.  

Geissler's 5% Rebate

Shop at Geissler's and save your receipts.  OH PTO earns 5% of your purchases (excluding alcohol and tobacco).  Receipts can be placed in the Geissler's shopping bag collection box located in the lobby of OH.